If San Sedai was Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, then ThreeGen would be Professor X himself. 3G has a massive taste for music of various genres and serves as a curator for several artists belonging to the San Sedai family. With himself being a producer, his primary goal for music and simply creation. 

"In my belief, the ability to design and create is one of God's gifts to men. We ourselves are not gods, but for me, there's a connection I feel whenever I start a project and see it all the way to its completion. It's refreshing to know that we have the ability and intelligence to compose and arrange sounds in a way that resonates deep in here... within our souls. It's purposeful. Intentional. Music made with that in mind, is the purest music of all." 

Starting out with a small program called Hip Hop eJay, 3G began crafting his sounds until he discovered Fruity Loops [more commonly known as FL Studio]. It was here that he really began investing time into creating his own sound drawing inspiration from various genres such as hip-hop/rap, dubstep, film scores, and more. Some of his biggest influences were producers like Timbaland, Swizz Beats and Kanye West. But also composers such as Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, Noriyuki Asakura. It wasn't until nearing his high school years that he began listening to the rapidly evolving Electronic genre. And that's where he began crafting his sound even more.

As college years rolled and he was on his own, he had the idea of wanting to make music itself more famous that the artist.

"An artist becomes popular because the tune itself is catchy or their vocals are done in a way that catches people's attention. If neither one of these are accomplished, then its just another song. But we're living in a world where every song is just another song. Music is easier to access than ever so its nothing for someone to just hit auto-play or find a Pandora or a Spotify station and just zone out."

As he cycled through different aliases trying to find one that perfectly matched himself, he would eventually come up with the name ThreeGen or 3G. 

Years passed and 3G moved to Seattle where he decided to start his own label, San Sedai Media. 'San' meaning Three and 'Sedai' meaning Generation. The label has since added Japanese EDM pop artist IKUZO, EDM trap producer - Trapeez, and the lofi producer Dormio. They have become the foundation of what San Sedai is looking to build. A collective of artists/producers focused on making music simply for the joy of creation.