From across the Pacific, in the city of Kobe, Japan... enter Ikku Fujiwara aka IKUZO. A young man highly influenced by the Western Culture, especially the music. Born to parents who spared no expense to keep him away from Western influence, yet it only served to broaden his curiosity.

Throughout school, Ikku excelled in class, graduating with honors all the way through college receiving his Masters in Computer Engineering. But he was always curious with music since a young age. Influenced by a wide-variety of artists such as Ta-Ku, Flume, Murohashi Takuya and the late Jun Seba [Nujabes], Fujiwara was curious about making his own stab into music world. 

After saving up enough money, Fujiwara moved out from his parents house and booked a flight to San Francisco. It wasn't long before he realized how tough it really was to get into music. What made it worse was the financial hardship that living in a high cost-of-living city like San Fran created. He was able to move in with some roommates, get a decent enough to job, and still be able to find ways to create his own music. 

While in San Fran, he was able to make good friends who were working on their own music and brought him in. The group, CMD/CNTR [Command Center], run by Mr. Flagship gave Ikku his first exposure into music production. After years of being with the group, Ikuzo was at the level where he could produce his own music effectively and decided to move on. 

Fujiwara headed up north to Washington where he would eventually meet label mate, ThreeGen at a local concert. ThreeGen brought him to the studio where Ikuzo was able to share his music. His music felt like an instant match for the San Sedai family and from there ThreeGen offered him a place. Fujiwara accepted the invitation by saying 'Ikuzo' which is Japanese for "Let's Go." 

And from that moment on, Ikku became Ikuzo.