Of the four core artists in San Sedai's growing family, DayShawn Miles - known by his moniker: Trapeez - is probably the most energetic of them all. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Miles grew up during a time where Southern Rap was now becoming a major influence in the industry. With artists like OutKast, Three 6 Mafia, and UGK breaking new grounds for artists in the South, Miles was looking to become the next big thing. 

However his goal of wanting to become a big name in the rap industry was blindsided by reality. Parental struggles, financial hardships, and a criminal record caused his dreams to stay dreams. He grew up into a wild teenager constantly getting into fights with other boys in school. Miles ran with a local gang and started selling drugs using the money to buy production equipment. With his parents' relationship in an unstable condition he would often withdraw to a rundown house and use it as his own little studio. 

It wasn't long before his criminal behavior caught up with him. One night, he was caught and charged with possession and distribution. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison in  2007. Upon his release in 2009, he made the decision to not go back to the life he lived. He chose not to go back to living with his parents and instead found residence with his cousin where he continued to pursue his dream of getting into the music industry.

By this time, EDM was now becoming a big thing and he had discovered it through his cousin. 

"I had always been at the clubs where they would play like, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, YoungBloodz, Tip and other artists. You hear music like that and its just you do ya lil dance and might wanna start somethin' in if someone get outta line. That's how it always was. But then my cuz told me about Ultra Music Festival down in Miami. We got tickets and decided to go down there with some friends. Before I got there, I wasn't expecting much. But when everything started, the energy I felt... from just one concert... had me like... Wow. This is what I'm lookin' for."

After his experience at Ultra, Miles' perspective on music changed dramatically. He started researching the styles he heard at the concert on YouTube and learning how to create those sounds from the songs that had him excited. 

His production journey led him to moving to the West Coast where he eventually ran into his future label mate, Marcel Aiello, aka Dormio. At this time, Marcel had already joined San Sedai but he brought him to Seattle where they demoed his music with label head, ThreeGen. 

"I was accepted almost immediately and was like... that's it? Just like that?"

Trapeez was a bit unsure about signing to a label with no promise of income but once he saw what the label really had to offer, he couldn't help but join. 

"To me the label help me understand that value of music and the ability I had to create it. For the longest time, music had been an influence in a negative way and I wanted to bring the hype and excitement that I felt from that first music festival back in 2010. The Family [San Sedai] is helping me to formulate my path."