B-Side Blog: Starred Identities

"And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth," - Revelation 6: 13

Not all stars are noticeable in the night sky. As it is with people. Everyone is a star in their own way. The ones you come face-to-face with burn with different levels of brightness, hues/saturation, densities... you never really know what kind of star you'll meet. 

Such is us at San Sedai. We are plotting to take over the world of music in artistic fashion.
[And no we're not talking oil, acrylic, or fine linens.]

There are four of us: Dayshawn, Ikku, Marcel and myself. Our love for music is so fast we choose to put the image of our tunes out there over images of us. Its not about us. We want to create music that is so good that you care more about it than the artist. So we choose to remain anonymous in a sense. 

You don't really need to know what we look like. You just need to know what our music sounds like. Otherwise why are you even on this website? [And there goes that digital 4th wall

So what is even the point of this blog? Is it just mindless textual ramblings? Yes. 
But the point is, our identity is in our music. Any imagery you'll see of us will probably be fictional. But that's all you need to see. We enjoy making music from the background. But we will be illuminated in our own way.